Monday, January 19, 2009

In-Store vs. On-line

I have never been a fan of purchasing things online, I realize that a lot of sites offer free shipping but I just like to actually peruse through the aisles and touch the items and get the satisfaction of actually taking my purchases home with me.

This past week I visited Target and as they seem to be clearancing a lot of winter items to make room for spring things, they had a ton of 75% mark downs- MY FAVORITE!!

Since my little Bubba will be entering kindergarten this fall, I snatched up 4 pairs of school shoes and 1 pair of boots. Regular price: $75.95. Sale Price: $18.98. Shoes are one thing that I need to buy new, I don't typically care for used shoes. Unless I know who they came from. Anyhow, when I got home, I decided to check out Target's site to see if there was anything else I "needed". Much to my dismay, the prices were not yet marked down the full 75% online. Another reason that I like in-store shopping better typically for stores that are available in my area.

Have a great week!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Store I Hate to Love

The first time I entered this large department store, I walked around for about 5 minutes and left in total disgust only to return some 24 months later and have been visiting the clearance racks at least twice a week at a mere 60 minutes per visit. The reason for my initial disgust was the fact that I felt the store severely overpriced their goods to only have a massive 12 hour sale where the prices were slashed by 50% or more to bring the prices back down to a "normal" price. At first, I did not believe that this store would last 2 months. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. The best thing to happen to the small Midwest town I am from is that one of these stores emerged just like they did in small and large suburban towns all over the country (so I am told- their share prices seemed to soar too) so I went with my mother with her the infamous "take an additional 30% off already low prices" coupon she is so blessed to be sent due to her obtaining the "store credit card"- not to mention that is was also "take an additional" 10% off for senior citizens. The inner "saler" in me could not resist! An additional 37% off anything in the store- I was so there!!! (PLEASE NOTE- that 2 coupons added together do not equal the amounts added together- get a calculator and do the math!! For instance, my mother would claim that we would have gotten 40% off in the above example when in fact, we would only receive an additional 37% off- MATH: $100 total less 30% = $70 less 10%= $63.)
So as I walked in the store with mixed emotions of disgust for their overpricing but also the hopes of scoring an additional 37% off- I went in with a somewhat open mind. Lo and behold- the yellow signs that boasted 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% off- could this be? Was I dreaming? I could hardly contain myself, I grabbed the last sort of cart- it had a double stroller attached to it- I didn't care- I just could not wait to dive into the racks of blouses, slacks and sweaters that would essentially cost 3-5% of the regular sticker price. My first visit back to the store I swore I would never enter again, I left with a purchase of $63.77 with 6% sales taxes included- original tags boasted $798 ( I always calculate this when I get home)- Now that is a sale!!